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Important Things To Know Before You Take Air Canada Airlines Book A Flight

With more than 220 destinations across 6 inhabitant continents, Air Canada serves over 50 million passengers each year. The flag carrier of Canada, the airline is famous around travelers for its top-notch services and great hospitality. Air Canada is one of the founding members of Star Alliance, which includes Asiana Airlines, Lufthansa, and United Airlines, with a total of 28 members. So, if you’re thinking about traveling in the future then this largest carrier of Canada is a great option for you. Before you grab Air Canada Airlines Book A Flight, read this detailed information related to airline and its flight policies such as baggage policies, travel classes, and more.

Basic Information

Airline: Air Canada

Alliance: Star Alliance

Category: Flag Carrier and International Airline

Frequent Flyer Program: Airplane

Tag Line: Fly The Flag

Daily Flights: 1500

Fleet: 189 (excluding subsidiaries)

Destinations: 64 domestic destinations and 158 international destinations in 47 countries, on six continents worldwide.

Travel Classes and In-flight Amenities

When you Book A Flight with Air Canada Airlines, it’s important to select your cabin class carefully. A wrong selection can give an uncomfortable flight experience or increase air-fare. The best way to select the right travel class is to compare in-flight amenities and check the fare. Air Canada offers these following travel classes:

Signature Class

Signature Class cabins of Air Canada is available on all wide-body planes. Further, there are two cabins available for Book A Flight process of Air Canada Airlines: the Classic Pod and the Executive Pod. Both cabins feature noise-canceling headphones, music delivered by XM Satellite Radio, and AVOD on a touch screen.

Executive Pods: This class is available on only Boeing 777s and 787s aircraft. The seat of this option features automated flat-lie-beds with a seat width of the 21-inch seat and a pitch of 2.01 m. AVOD feature is available with a personal 18-inch touch screen.

Classic Pods: All seats of this option features automated flat beds on Airbus A330-300s and Boeing 767-300ER aircraft with a seat width of 21-inch and a pitch of 1.91 m. AVOD feature is available with a personal 12-inch touch screen.

Business Class of North American

On all flights to/from North America, Business Class serves as the premium product during Air Canada Airlines Book A Flight process. On mainline (Embraer 190 airplane) and Air Canada Express (CRJ900 airplane), the seat features a recline of 120-degree, 20 inches width, and set out 1–2 abreast configurations. On narrow-body Boing and Airbus, the seat features recline of 124-degree, 21inches width, and set out 2–2 abreast configuration. All seats come with AVOD and live music. On Trans-Atlantic flights, on all Boeing 737 MAX 8, the cabin class is available branded as Premium Economy for Book A flight process of Air Canada Airlines.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy class is featured on all Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and Airbus A330 aircraft. It comes with a spacious seat and more recline as matched to standard economy class. The seat is set out in a 2–4–2 configuration on Boeing 777 and 2–3–2 configuration on Boeing 787 and Airbus A330. All seats feature a 20-inch (Boeing 777) or seat width of 19.5-inch (Boeing 787) and a 37- 38 inches seat pitch. All seats come with AVOD and live music is delivered by XM Satellite Radio.

If you’re thinking Book A Flight of Air Canada Airlines Rouge then the premium economy product us available as Premium Rouge. This class is sold as a business class on Rouge flight operations within North America.

Economy Class

The seats of Economy class come with 30 to 32 inches pitch, 17.2 to 18.5 inches width, and 4.5 to 6 inches recline.

On Air Canada Rouge airplane, seats come with 29 to 30 inches pitch, 17.5 to 18 inches width and 3 inches recline. Plus, seats do not feature any In-Flight Entertainment system.

All Airbus, Embraer, Boeing aircraft, and the CRJ900 are fitted with personal AVOD, and live music is delivered by XM Satellite Radio. Complimentary meals are available on all (outside North American) international flights. For North American, domestic, Caribbean flights and sun destinations, alcoholic drinks and food can be bought through Bistro while non-alcoholic drinks are complimentary.

For a better seating experience, select an aircraft with spacious seating configuration, during Book A Flight process of Air Canada Airlines.

  • On the Boeing 777, the configuration is 3–4–3
  • On the Boeing 787, the configuration is 3–3-3
  • On the Airbus A330, the configuration is 2–4-2
  • On the Boeing 767, the configuration is 2–3-2
  • On the Boeing 737 MAX, the configuration is 3–3
  • On the Airbus family, the configuration is 2-2
  • On Bombardier, De Havilland, and Embraer, the configuration is 2-2
Baggage allowance

Travelers who take Air Canada Airlines Book A Flight, Air Canada Express or Air Canada Rouge are allowed to carry 1 standard carry-on and 1 personal item onboard. Plus, travelers can bring their small purse, coat, infant care, or special need item such as a small collapsible stroller or wheelchair on board.

The free checked baggage allowance is varies depending on the fare, date of ticket purchase, destination, and frequent flyer status. Bags must not be larger than 158 cm in height and heavier than 23 kg in weight.

Air Canada obeys with International Travel Criteria that do not permit passengers to bring weapons, firearms, explosive devices, toxic flammable substances, as well as chemical substances. Passengers who bring sharp objects are mandatory to pack those items along with the checked baggage.

It’s advised to check the baggage limited carefully before Book A Flight with Air Canada Airlines.

Web check-in

Passengers can complete the check-in process via their mobiles or the web. Mobile and web check-in is available from done 24 hours to 1 hour before departure time (the check-in deadline may vary depending on destination and duration of the flight). The boarding pass of the passenger will be sent on their phone by SMS or email, or passengers can print the same at an airport. Make sure you use your regular email and phone number during Book A Flight with Air Canada Airlines, to avoid any possible trouble.

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