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American Airlines Manage Booking

American Airlines Manage Booking: All Important Information

Generally, people make a flight reservation in advance to avoid last-minute problems. But, sometimes there are few situations when a traveler needs to cancel or make some changes in their travel plans due to unavoidable situations.

Fortunately, for those travelers who have marked flight reservations with American Airlines are allowed to make changes with online service. Travelers are allowed to manage their reservations online through American Airlines Manage Booking.

Here, read about it in detail.

About American Airlines Manage Booking Service

For travelers who want to make modifications to their flight reservations, American Airlines provides them the option of online American Airlines Manage Booking service, which lets them make necessary changes in their itinerary like travel date change or flight cancellation. Further, the traveler might need to pay flight change fees or extra fees depending on the type of tickets and changes.

The Process To Manage Flight Reservation Of American Airlines 

To manage the flight booking, passengers are required to visit American Airlines Manage Booking. Then, to make changes in the itinerary, travelers are required to select the manage my trips option. Now, Travellers are required to provide all important details of the flight reservation and click on manage my trip option.

For Flight Cancellation

After the flight reservation is saved, passengers are simply needed to select the Cancel option at American Airlines Manage Booking. Further, passengers require to confirm the request for cancellation of their itinerary.

For Flight Change

For picking a different flight for the booking, the passengers are requiring to choose the Change option. From the provided list of available flights, passengers are needed to choose an alternative flight that fits their requirements and confirms the change by paying for the excess fare.

Moreover, passengers can even add excess baggage allowance, order special dietary meals, add special services like in-flight Wi-Fi or upgrade their seating position online by using the service of American Airlines Manage Booking.

Hence, this is the complete information about the American Airlines Manage Booking service. Still, if any travelers facing any issue or has queries related to the manage flight reservation process, they can call the customer support and service center of American Airlines and pursue the necessary help for managing to book online.

How To Manage The Flight Reservation In American Airlines?

American Airlines is one of the largest carriers in the aviation industry. The airline is the famous and first choice of millions of passengers because of its high-quality services and great in-flight services. American Airlines aims to make the flight experience of its passengers worth remembering and affordable. So, the carrier is always ready for offering new and better options to its passengers that can assist them during or after Book A Flight.

How Can One Manage The Booking?

For the manage booking process follow the following steps mentioned below.

  • Open American Airlines official website and go to the home screen then click on “My Trips”.
  • Fill all required details including passenger’s first and last name and the booking reference number.
  • This step will open the booked flight details.
  • Click on the flight change or flight cancellation option as per the requirements.
  • If you want, passengers can choose their seating position in advance as well.

To make change the flight, they need to select the alternate flight and confirm the changes.

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