Win the Golden Chance to Seek Classy Travel at the Best Price on Booking Asiana Business Class


You might be glad to know that experiencing a classy journey with business class flights at the best budget, is now possible on booking the Asiana Business Class Flights. On book the same, you will be provided an unsurpassed service throughout your journey. So, get pause to your efforts and time-consumption for the same and book Asiana Business Class Flights Now!

As the entire globe is going through the life-threatening virus-COVID-19, it is being recommended to all the customers to book online. But, maybe some of the customers might have no idea to book the flights online.

What are the Different Ways to Book Asiana Airlines?

Listed below are the different ways that you may apply to book Asiana Airlines Business Class Flights:

Telephonic Reservations: as per this way of booking the flights, you are supposed to meet the experts via Asiana Customer Support Number for booking. With this, you do not need to make any efforts and invest your valuable time on the same.

In case, you come across the issues while interacting then follow the next.

Online Booking: in online booking, you are entitled to visit the official site Asiana Airlines to book Asiana Business Class. With this, you are enabled to gain complete control over your trip. Instead, if you find it hard to book the flights due to technical issues or poor internet connection. Then, go for the next mode of booking the flights.

Offline Booking: in this mode of booking, you are supposed to visit the airport and wait in a long queue at the airport until the turn comes. With this, you would meet the experts face to face and get rid of all your queries at the same time. But, in case find it hectic, then you may use any of the other mentioned above to book Asian

Where Do the Asiana Business Class 777 Flights Fly?

Listed below are the following destinations where Asiana Business Class 777 Flights fly:


Sydney SYD


Phnom Penh PNH


Beijing PEK

Changchun and Jilin City CGQ

Changsha CSX

Chengdu CTU

Chongqing CKG

Dalian DLC

Guangzhou CAN

Guilin KWL

Hangzhou HGH

Harbin HRB

Nanjing NKG

Qingdao TAO

Shanghai PVG

Shanghai SHA

Shenyang SHE

Shenzhen SZX

Tianjin TSN

Weihai WEH

Xi’an XIY

Yancheng YNZ

Yanji YNJ

Yantai YNT


Paris CDG



Hong Kong

Hong KongHKG


Bengaluru BLR

New Delhi DEL


Jakarta CGK


Rome (Fiumicino) FCO

Venice Marco Polo VCE


Fukuoka FUK

Miyazaki KMI

Nagoya NGO

Okinawa OKA

Osaka KIX

Sapporo CTS

Sendai SDJ

Tokyo HND

Tokyo NRT






Kathmandu KTM

Northern Mariana Islands

Saipan Island SPN


Koror ROR


Angeles City CRK

Cebu CEB

Manila MNL


Singapore SIN

South Korea

Busan PUS

Cheongju & Daejeon CJJ

Daegu TAE

Gwangju KWJ

Jeju City CJU

Pohang KPO

Sacheon / Jinju HIN

Seoul ICN

Seoul GMP

Yeosu RSU


Barcelona BCN


Taipei TPE


Bangkok BKK

Phuket HKT


Istanbul lIST

United Kingdom

London Heathrow LHR

United States

Honolulu HNL

Los Angeles LAX

New York City JFK

San Francisco SFO

Seattle / Tacoma SEA




Da Nang DAD

Hanoi HAN

Ho Chi Minh City SGN

What are the Steps to Book the Asiana Airlines Flights Online?

Such customer may follow the steps listed below to book Asiana Airlines Business Class Flights:

  1. First of all, you are supposed to visit the Asiana Airlines official Site.
  2. And the next, you need to access the homepage & tap the button, “book” stated on the menu.
  3. Once tab the option as per the step mentioned above, you are supposed to choose any of the trips like the one-way trip, multicity-trip, or round-trip.
  4. After you selected the trip type, you need to determine the origin & cities of any specific destination and make sure about the available flights to your route.
  5. Once you are done with the above step, fix the date for departure from the airlines’ calendar.
  6. And the next, you are supposed to select the number of members who are going to fly under a single itinerary.
  7. After completing the above necessities, tap the button, “Search”.
  8. Once you completed the above requirements, select the aircraft from the access list on the next page that would suit you.
  9. Then, you are required to provide the entire details so that it would be easier to get print on the itinerary.
  10. Once the above step gets over, you are required to make a payment for booking the seats on Asiana Business Class Flights.
  11. And finally! you will get a confirmation message regarding ticket booking, to your mobile number or email id.

Note: Instead of the steps listed above in case, you still find it difficult to book the flights online, then you should contact Asiana Customer Service via the customer service phone number of Asiana Airlines.

What are the various Asiana Policies that You Should Know Earlier than Booking Asiana Business Class 777 Flights?

Below are the policies that you need to know before booking Asiana Business Class 777:

Baggage Allowance Policy

Carry-On Allowance

Every carry-on luggage ought to be fitted in the above bin or below the seat in front of you. Along with a personal object (overcoat, laptop, purse), the customers are permitted for carry-on baggage or luggage providing the sum of the entire carry-on items won’t be exceeded the weigh one hundred and fifteen centimeters (45 inches) with a maximum weight up to ten kilograms (22 pounds).

Point to remember: Bulkhead seats do not include under-seat storage all through take-off & landing.

Checked Baggage Allowance

The flyers traveling to or from the United States, Canada, US territories, Mexico, South America, Caribbean, and Central America:

  • Two baggage is allowed to carry on the Asiana Airlines Business Class Flights.
  • The baggage are acceptable on the flight while flying, that won’t exceed the size Maximum Dimensions up to sixty-two linear inches or one hundred and fifty-seven (length + width + height)
  • The customers traveling on the economy class flights are allowed to carry bags that won’t exceed the Maximum Weight up to 50 lb or 23 kg
  • The customers who are flying on the first class & business class flights are permitted to carry baggage that won’t exceed the Maximum Weight up to 70 lb or 32 kg

Travelers traveling to most other destinations:

  • The travelers traveling on the Economy Class flights are allowed to carry bags that won’t exceed the Maximum Weight up to 44 lb or 20 kg total
  • The flyers flying on the Business Class Flights are entitled to carry the bags Maximum Weight up to 66 lb or 30 kg total
  • The customers traveling on the First Class Flight are permitted to carry the baggage Maximum Weight up to 88 lb or 40 kg total

Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy

In case a traveler finds their self, stuck in an inevitable circumstance that can disrupt the journey, then they might be willing to cancel the existing air ticket. While performing the same, you need to know about the Asiana cancellation policy. The same you may find below:

  1. The passenger needs to make sure about the cancellation of the existing air tickets all the time while booking. It is so, the refund rule can be varied as per the site & mode of ticket booking.
  2. The traveler can request for a full refund in case he or she has made Asiana Airlines Cancellations within twenty-four hours to four hours of the aircraft departure.
  3. A flyer can request to cancel or confirm the refund status from the ‘manage to book’ choice in the portal of the airline.
  4. According to the Asiana Airlines cancellation policy, a traveler can appeal for a refund thirty days earlier than the departure of the flight.
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